Source code for rising.random.discrete

from functools import partial
from itertools import combinations
from random import choices as sample_with_replacement
from random import sample as sample_without_replacement
from typing import List, Sequence

from rising.random.abstract import AbstractParameter

__all__ = ["DiscreteParameter", "DiscreteCombinationsParameter"]

[docs]def combinations_all(data: Sequence) -> List: """ Return all combinations of all length for given sequence Args: data: sequence to get combinations of Returns: List: all combinations """ comb = [] for r in range(1, len(data) + 1): comb.extend(combinations(data, r=r)) return comb
[docs]class DiscreteParameter(AbstractParameter): """ Samples parameters from a discrete population with or without replacement """ def __init__( self, population: Sequence, replacement: bool = False, weights: Sequence = None, cum_weights: Sequence = None ): """ Args: population : the parameter population to sample from replacement : whether or not to sample with replacement weights : relative sampling weights cum_weights : cumulative sampling weights """ super().__init__() if replacement: sample_fn = partial(sample_with_replacement, weights=weights, cum_weights=cum_weights) else: if weights is not None or cum_weights is not None: raise ValueError("weights and cum_weights should only be specified if " "replacement is set to True!") sample_fn = sample_without_replacement self.sample_fn = sample_fn self.population = population
[docs] def sample(self, n_samples: int) -> list: """ Samples from the discrete internal population Args: n_samples : the number of elements to sample Returns: list: the sampled values """ return self.sample_fn(population=self.population, k=n_samples)
[docs]class DiscreteCombinationsParameter(DiscreteParameter): """ Sample parameters from an extended population which consists of all possible combinations of the given population """ def __init__(self, population: Sequence, replacement: bool = False): """ Args: population : population to build combination of replacement : whether or not to sample with replacement """ population = combinations_all(population) super().__init__(population=population, replacement=replacement)

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