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import torch
from abc import abstractmethod
from typing import Union, Sequence, Optional

from rising.utils.shape import reshape

__all__ = [

[docs]class AbstractParameter(torch.nn.Module): """ Abstract Parameter class to inject randomness to transforms """
[docs] @staticmethod def _get_n_samples(size: Union[Sequence, torch.Size] = (1,)): """ Calculates the number of elements in the given size Args: size: Sequence or torch.Size Returns: int: the number of elements """ if not isinstance(size, torch.Size): size = torch.Size(size) return size.numel()
[docs] @abstractmethod def sample(self, n_samples: int) -> Union[torch.Tensor, list]: """ Abstract sampling function Args: n_samples : the number of samples to return Returns: torch.Tensor or list: the sampled values """ raise NotImplementedError
[docs] def forward(self, size: Optional[Union[Sequence, torch.Size]] = None, device: Union[torch.device, str] = None, dtype: Union[torch.dtype, str] = None, tensor_like: torch.Tensor = None) -> Union[None, list, torch.Tensor]: """ Forward function (will also be called if the module is called). Calculates the number of samples from the given shape, performs the sampling and converts it back to the correct shape. Args: size: the size of the sampled values. If None, it samples one value without reshaping device : the device the result value should be set to, if it is a tensor dtype : the dtype, the result value should be casted to, if it is a tensor tensor_like: the tensor, having the correct dtype and device. The result will be pushed onto this device and casted to this dtype if this is specified. Returns: list or torch.Tensor: the sampled values Notes: if the parameter ``tensor_like`` is given, it overwrites the parameters ``dtype`` and ``device`` """ n_samples = self._get_n_samples(size if size is not None else (1,)) samples = self.sample(n_samples) if any([s is None for s in samples]): return None if not isinstance(samples, torch.Tensor): samples = torch.tensor(samples).flatten() if size is not None: samples = reshape(samples, size) if isinstance(samples, torch.Tensor): if tensor_like is not None: samples = else: samples =, dtype=dtype) return samples

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