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from typing import Optional

import torch
from rising.ops import torch_one_hot

__all__ = ["one_hot_batch"]

[docs]def one_hot_batch(target: torch.Tensor, num_classes: Optional[int] = None, dtype: Optional[torch.dtype] = None) -> torch.Tensor: """ Compute one hot for input tensor (assumed to a be batch and thus saved into first dimension -> input should only have one channel) Args: target: long tensor to be converted num_classes: number of classes. If :attr:`num_classes` is None, the maximum of target is used dtype: optionally changes the dtype of the onehot encoding Returns: torch.Tensor: one hot encoded tensor """ if target.dtype != torch.long: raise TypeError( f"Target tensor needs to be of type torch.long, found {target.dtype}") if target.ndim in [0, 1]: return torch_one_hot(target, num_classes) else: if num_classes is None: num_classes = int(target.max().detach().item() + 1) _dtype, device, shape = target.dtype, target.device, target.shape if dtype is None: dtype = _dtype target_onehot = torch.zeros(shape[0], num_classes, *shape[2:], dtype=dtype, device=device) return target_onehot.scatter_(1, target, 1.0)

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