Source code for rising.loading.collate

from typing import Any

import numpy as np
import torch

__all__ = ["numpy_collate", "do_nothing_collate"]

default_collate_err_msg_format = (
    "default_collate: batch must contain tensors, numpy arrays, numbers, "
    "dicts or lists; found {}")

[docs]def numpy_collate(batch: Any) -> Any: """ function to collate the samples to a whole batch of numpy arrays. PyTorch Tensors, scalar values and sequences will be casted to arrays automatically. Args: batch: a batch of samples. In most cases either sequence, mapping or mixture of them Returns: Any: collated batch with optionally converted type (to :class:`numpy.ndarray`) Raises: TypeError: When batch could not be collated automatically """ elem = batch[0] if isinstance(elem, np.ndarray): return np.stack(batch, 0) elif isinstance(elem, torch.Tensor): return numpy_collate([b.detach().cpu().numpy() for b in batch]) elif isinstance(elem, float) or isinstance(elem, int): return np.array(batch) elif isinstance(elem, str): return batch elif isinstance(elem, return {key: numpy_collate([d[key] for d in batch]) for key in elem} elif isinstance(elem, tuple) and hasattr(elem, '_fields'): # namedtuple return type(elem)(*(numpy_collate(samples) for samples in zip(*batch))) elif isinstance(elem, transposed = zip(*batch) return [numpy_collate(samples) for samples in transposed] raise TypeError(default_collate_err_msg_format.format(type(elem)))
[docs]def do_nothing_collate(batch: Any) -> Any: """ Returns the batch as is (with out any collation Args: batch: input batch (typically a sequence, mapping or mixture of those). Returns: Any: the batch as given to this function """ return batch

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